The group was formed in October 1998 in the wake of the reborn Salento’s ethno-popular music. In search of an identity, the group meets the tribal and obsessive rhythms of neighboring Africa and the charming oriental melodies, but the rock soul prevails and gives life to that Mediterranean rock a bit ‘progressive of which the Abash can be considered unique interpreters. The song Salentu e Africa will be their musical manifesto.
In May 2000 they released their first CD Salentu e Africa, produced by the group where finally the popular and the ethnic find new lymph in an explosive rock mixture that especially in live performances arouses the interest of the Apulian critics less distracted by the phenomenon of pinch. The second album comes out in July 2004 and is produced by Rai Trade, a sales success for Abash that with Spine e malelingue confirm the progressive direction of their music but also the dream of a Mediterranean of peace and a Salento landing of new hopes. In 2010 they released their latest CD Madri senza terra for the Immaginifica label (by Aereostella) with Edel distribution.

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