Antonello Cresti

Antonello Cresti has been interested in British culture for years, especially in its traditional and underground expressions. Every year he spends a few months traveling among the small British communities, realizing projects for the protection of the local territory. He was defined by Timothy Biles, essayist and reverend of the Church of England, “the Mediterranean voice of Old England”. He is the author or co-author of the essays: Fish and chips e UK on acid, L’immaginazione al podere, Sangue e acciaio. With Nihil Project he has published three popular musical Cds; he collaborates with the FITC in the realization of the Creative Campus Nights; he is co-founder and artistic director of the record label Sound Records; he is one of the organizers of the Britmania festival; collaborates or has collaborated with dozens of magazines and webzines of a musical nature and political analysis.

Published books:
26-08-2010 – Lucifer over London: Industrial, folk apocalittico e controculture radicali in Inghilterra
03-09-2009 – Fairest isle. L’epopea dell’electric folk britannico