Aereostella releases ‘The BoxSet’, a wonderful box set including six albums of the italian prog-rock band, with remasters, new bonus tracks, stories and picsEighteen years of great progressive: Barock Project! BAROCK PROJECT The BoxSet Immaginifica / Aereostella Distr. Self | digital Pirames International

2003-2021: eighteen years of great progressive rock for Barock Project, celebrated with the release of The BoxSet (Immaginifica/Aereostella), a box set that contains the whole discography of the band from Modena, one of the best prog-rock groups in Italy and abroad. The BoxSet contains the six albums of the band led by the keyboard player Luca Zabbini: the first five are special editions entirely remastered by Zabbini. The BoxSet is a musical trip into the history of Barock Project, who have faced the progressive legacy of PFM, ELP, Genesis, King Crimson and other 70s symphonic rock bands in a dynamic and contemporary way. Over the years Barock Project has got considerable international credit, becoming one of the most loved italian prog bands in the world. Each cd includes photos taken during the recordings and a storytelling, the first two are completely remixed from the original tracks for an even more exciting sound experience. The debut Misteriose Voci (2006) includes the original drums (played by Giacomo Calabria) that were replaced by triggers due to technical problems; the bonus track Tridius is a recording of the debut lineup in 2003. Rebus (2008) is remixed, remastered and enriched by the bonus track Kissed By A Star, recorded in 2007. Coffee In Neukölln (2011), born during the Berlin experience, is fully remastered and contains Learning To Say Goodbye (unreleased dating back to the 2011 sessions). Skyline (2015), which featured Vittorio De Scalzi of New Trolls and Paul Whitehead, is entirely remastered with the addition of Breakfast For Your Brain, recorded in 2011. Also remastered Detachment (2017), with Peter Jones of Camel, and the bonus track Behind, dating back to the sessions of that period. The latest Seven Seas (2019) had a lyric by Peter Jones and the featuring of Durga McBroom, vocalist of Pink Floyd. Barock Project: Aereostella: Self Distribuzione: Pirames International: Synpress44 Ufficio stampa:

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