Barock Project

The Barock Project was born in 2003 with the aim of combining classical music (mainly baroque), rock and a bit of jazz harmony, supported by a pop structure, to renew the much loved Progressive Rock of the 70s. The creator of the project is keyboardist Luca Zabbini, pianist and composer, influenced by the passion for the famous keyboardist Keith Emerson (ELP). In the summer of 2004 they join the band Giambattista “GB” Giorgi, a young bassist who loves rock and jazz sounds, drummer Giacomo Calabria and lead singer Luca Pancaldi. In January 2007 they perform live in Bologna with a string quartet. The arrangements are by Zabbini and Rock In Theater is the concert DVD. At the end of the year under the Musea Records label comes the first album Mysterious Voices and in the summer of 2009 the second Rebus with the Italian label Mellow Records, both get great reviews. In March 2012 the French label Musea Records released their third compilation album Coffee in Neukölln with English lyrics. It is the album that consecrates the Barock Project as an international Progressive Rock Symphonic group with a nomination at the Prog Awards 2012. In summer 2014 they join the band Eric Ombelli (drums) and Marco Mazzuoccolo (guitar) with which they begin the recording of the fourth and most complex album. At the end of the year bassist Giorgi left the group replaced by Francesco Caliendo who also plays bass lines. In January 2015, the Barock Project announced the release of Skyline, published by Artalia with online fundraising and the participation of Paul Whitehead (Genesis’ first cover artist).
In November Alex Mari takes over from Luca Pancaldi.
In May 2016 he released his first live Vivo, a double CD with over two hours of music, recorded during the tour of the previous year.
In March 2017 the band released Detachment, the sixth albume the band performed at the Boerderij in Holland and at the Symphonic Night Festival at the Tsutaya O-East in Tokyo.
In 2018 the Barock Project toured the Netherlands, in the United States at the Rosfeste festival and once again in Japan at the Tsutaya O-West in Tokyo. They conclude the year with a concert at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome.
In September 2019 they released their latest work Seven Seas with the label Immaginifica by Aereostella, with excellent feedback from the press and critics.

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