Bill Bruford

Bill Bruford made his musical debut in 1968. A leading progressive artist since the late 1960s, he has played in numerous ensembles, Yes and King Crimson above all, and has collaborated with many other artists including Gong, National Health, Genesis and UK. He revolutionized the drumming technique, combining a strong sense of melody with the use of polyrhythmic solutions. In 1986, with the aim of continuing the work on the melody on drums, but this time in a jazz context, he founded Earthworks along with Django Bates and Iain Ballamy. He retired from the stage on January 1, 2009, after forty-one years of music and concerts around the world.

Published books:
25-02-2010 – Bill Bruford. Autobiografia alla batteria – Yes, King Crimson, Earthworks e non solo