Danilo Amerio

The artist, raised at the school of Giancarlo Bigazzi, milestone of the Italian song, author of unforgettable evergreen as Donna con te by Anna Oxa, Gli altri siamo noi per Umberto Tozzi, Gente di Mare duet by Umberto Tozzi and Raf, and many other famous songs written for artists such as Mia Martini, Adriano Celentano, Morris Albert (the magical interpreter of Feeling), Fiordaliso, Fausto Leali and Little Tony (his Non finisce qui, with which the artist participated in the Festival of Sanremo in 2008), has chosen to return as a protagonist on the great stage of the songwriting song after eight years of record silence.
Having achieved great success as a singer-songwriter in the mid-nineties with songs such as Buttamia Via (Cantagiro, 1992), Quelli come noi (Sanremo 1994, third place among the New Proposals), Bisogno d’Amore (Sanremo 1995, sixth among the Big, more than a million copies sold of the homonymous album between Italy and South America), four albums to his credit, after a long period of silence, away from the music, strong of an important change and renewal lived in Africa, between the magic of uncontaminated places and the hours spent working with the locals to the construction of wells for water and to teach music to the children children children of the various tribes, Danilo Amerio now returns to the track with a completely new image. 
New, as well as his music, deeper, enriched by what I learned from that memorable, long, African parenthesis, more intense and reflective certainly, but not for this less immediate, always able to capture the heart to listen, thanks to the magic of a unique voice and rich in interpretive pathos.
The first fruit of this new path that the artist has chosen to share with the public is called Milioni di soli.
Written in four hands with Umberto Ferrara, it is instead the single of launch extracted from Ali Digitali, his new album of unreleased releases at the end of April 2009 completely dedicated to the people of the Internet and internet surfers that marks the partnership with the prestigious record label Aereostella (distribution Edel).