Enrico Capuano

As a child, he became passionate about the rock music of the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, the rock of the sixties and seventies, in addition to the political music of the Dischi del Sole: Ivan Della Mea, Giovanna Marini, Zezi, the Tarantolari of Tricarico with Antonio Infantino.
At the age of twelve he conducted the broadcast Folk in lotta on the Roman free radio Radio Onda Rossa. And it is precisely the passion of folk that leads him to study peasant singing with Giovanna Marini at Scuola Popolare di Musica di Testaccio in Rome
In the nineties Enrico Capuano began to live his commitment as a songwriter. He founded the independent record label Tide Records. Capuano produces the Zezi record, after twenty years of record silence. In 1993 he released his first album Fai la cosa giusta, followed by Onda d’urto of 1996 produced by Il Manifesto.
Since 2000 he has managed a broadcast on Teleambiente and Teledonna in Rome called Radio Casbah, in which he gives space to independent music videos, bands and the entire underground world that revolves around it, from fanzines to websites, up to rehearsal rooms.
In 2001, Tide Records founded Blond Records to promote emerging groups (among others Legittimo Brigantaggio), but also numerous experiences of various kinds and productions ranging from Grazia Di Michele to Claudio Lolli, from Alfredo Bandelli to Pizzica la Tarantula (with Nuova Compagnia di Canto Popolare, Peppe Barra and others), up to the rock of S.O.S. and Ghibli.
But it was in 2002 with Tammuriatarock that he began to have a certain popularity and in which appear important collaborations: from Lucio “Violin” Fabbri to Graziano Galatone, the actress Loredana Cannata, Piero Brega, Zezi, Marcello Colasurdo, Eugenio Bennato with whom Capuano shares the concert stage of Primo Maggio in Piazza di Porta San Giovanni in Rome.
In 2003 he went to Iraq for a series of concerts before the American bombing began. In 2004 he published Lascia che sia, a tribute to Let it be by the Beatles. For three consecutive years from 2004 to 2008 he stepped on the stage of Primo Maggio concert in Rome.
In 2008 he released the CD entitled Fuori dalla Stanza produced by Fermentivivi by Franz di Cioccio, distributed by Venus in all record stores in Italy. His talent and his desire to do have allowed him not only to conquer all of Italy, from the North to the South, but above all to cross national borders and to perform as a singer-songwriter in hundreds of concerts, festivals and gatherings in Bulgaria, Cuba, Holland, Germany, Luxembourg, Iraq and Switzerland. He has collaborated with o Zulu ( 99 posse), Piotta and Dunia Molina.