I Ribelli

The group of Rebels was born in the spring of 1960, the name is given by Adriano Celentano at the same time as the release of his single Il Ribelle.
They are part of this first line-up: Gianni Dall’Aglio (drums), Natale Massara (sax), Gino Santercole (guitar), Giorgio Benacchio (guitar), “Giannino” (bass). The Rebels become the personal group of Celentano and support him in the concerts of that year. When Adriano left for the military service in 1961 the group included two new musicians: Livio Pasolini on bass and Nando de Luca on piano, the latter procured for the rebels, in the absence of Adriano, a utlile work for the growth of the group, accompanying English singer Colin Hicks in a long series of theatrical performances across the country.
Celentano after finishing his military service, returns by inserting Detto Mariano on the piano, which later becomes his arranger.
The line-up changed again in 1963 at the same time as the birth of the record label Clan founded by Adriano: Gianni Dall’Aglio called “cocaina” (drums), Giorgio Benacchio called “pocaluce” (guitar), Natale Massara called “befanino” (sax), Gianfranco Lombardi (bass) and for a short time Gigi Marson (piano) and Dino Pasquadibisceglie (guitar). The Rebels collaborated and produced the new record label Clan and in 1964 recorded their first success Chi mai sarà la ragazza del clan.
At the end of the same year the Parisian brothers Philippe and Jean Claude Bichara joined the line-up on guitar and bass . The name of the Rebels appears on the entire Clan discography from 1963 to 1966, recorded: Per una lira by Lucio Battisti, and A La Buena de Dios (San Remo 1966).
In those years the group began a long series of concerts and, in 1966, also a concert in Tripoli in Libya . At the end of that year the group has a historic meeting in the local Milan Santa Tecla with Demetrio Stratos and love at first sight, immediately enters the Rebels as a singer and organist.
At the same time bassist Angel Salvador in those days in Milan, excites everyone. Thus was born the most representative formation of the historical band I Ribelli.
After the release of the single Come Adriano in 1966, the group made a tough decision, left the Clan Celentano to land at Ricordi and in the spring of 1967 recorded Pugni chiusi by Beretta Dall’Aglio and participated in the song of that year.
In the era Ricordi come out numerous 45laps in the order: Chi mi aiuterà of 1967, Nel sole e nel vento, nel sorriso e nel pianto, Obladì obladà, the 33laps Ribelli, and also numerous concerts from 1967 to the beginning of 1970 in the main clubs and in small clubs where along with their successes they inserted soul songs sung masterfully by the unforgettable Demetrio.
The line-up disbanded in 1970, returning in 1977 with a single Ricordi Illusione but not a concert. In 1986, produced by his friend Giorgio Fieschi, a live show was made for CGD by Bellinzona with the new line-up reconstituted by Gianni Dall’Aglio.
In June 2008 The Rebels formed by Alberto Ferrarini, Davide Mainoldi, Pietro Benucci, Maurizio Bellini as well as Gianni Dall’Aglio, record for Aereostella a double live CD recorded at Idroscalo in Milan entitled I Ribelli cantano Adrianothat comes out in December of the same year.
Between the end of 2008 and the first months of 2009 the group is engaged in a long series of television appearances.