Le voci per Armonico

Vauro – Journalist, draftsman, founder of Il male, columnist and cartoonist. Collaborates with Emergency

Elena Di Cioccio – Vj for All Music, host of television and radio programs. She is part of the group of Le Iene

Angelo Pannofino – Copywriter per Mccann Erickson, giornalista di Rolling Stone, attualmente redattore di GQ Italia

Elisa Mauro – Apulian writer, director of short films and screenplays for cinema and television

Mimmo de Musso – Winner of the online contest for the search of an author related to the song I realized that

Trio Medusa – Who doesn’t know them? On the radio, on television, from Le Iene to Speak with Me to La Gaia Scienza to Radio Deejay

Florindo Fago – Topografo tarantino, talented writer, also on Flozstation.it

Franco Zanetti – Journalist, author, former record producer, music critic, creative three hundred and sixty degrees, editor of the Rockol magazine

Luca Leoni – Apulian singer-songwriter (I dance out of time with Warner/Show Reel, Harmonica with Aereostella/Edel), former archaeologist, producer, writer of texts (web, television, music, documentaries and short films)

Alessandra Carnevali – Writer and music blogger on the Blogosfere circuit

Paolo Grugni – Milanese writer, his novels Let it be, Mondoserpente, Aiuto mi, Italian Sharia and the story 12/9 published in the collection Anime nere reloaded

Domenico Cocozza – Copywriter and writer: Christ. A prophet between the Bible and the Koran, Scarti and the play La realtà di Mezzo

Nicolai Lilin – Transinistrian, author of Siberian Education, novel translated into 14 languages that may become a film by Gabriele Salvatores



Published Books:
16-12-2010 – Armonico. Dodici canzoni per dodici storie

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