Italian rock at 100%.
L’Aquila 2001: a group of musicians from different backgrounds decided to set up a rock band with prog and funk influences. This is how Maxiata were born, formed by Giuseppe Costantini (vocals), Luca Caloisi (guitar), Piergiovanni Battibocca (bass) and Massimiliano Grillo (drums).
Already the following year the band set to work to prepare the eponymous debut album and the result is an album full of autobiographical stories told with contaminated rock. Such an important work requires a lot of work also from experienced musicians like Maxiata and so the album comes out only in 2005, published by CNI (Compagnia Nuove Indye). It rains positive reviews, the live dates become increasingly dense and also some participations to important musical television broadcasts.
The following year the band got back to work for a new recording project, this time a small pearl of rock made in Italy of only five tracks.Thanks to the arrival of David Bonelli (piano, synth and Moog) inevitably the sound of the band moves to electronic territories that give a further touch of originality to the pieces of the band.
At the beginning of 2007 everything is ready for the release of the EP Scalda Il Sangu and, as for the previous album, The specialized press shows to appreciate the musical proposal of the band that has grown musically and further from the initial models but closer to an even more personal sound.
Despite the change in the line up that sees Lorenzo Lorenzetti arrive behind the skins in September 2007, the band continues with his thousand different projects and with his live loads of adrenaline.

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