New Trolls

The New Trolls were born in 1967 but already two years before there was a group called Trolls.The original members, who began to experiment with music as early as 1965, are Scarpettini, De Scalzi, Ugo Guido, Giulio Menin and Piero Darini.The Trolls recorded a single, produced for Columbia Voce del Padrone, titled Dietro la nebbia and on the back Questa sera that immediately entered the chart.
Immediately their story was outlined: in fact the Trolls , to keep their name (goblins) give life to the first of many divisions. Legend has it that with the complicity of a local youth newspaper that compiled a ranking of the best musicians , our heroes met and founded the New Trolls with: Vittorio De Scalzi, Nico Di Palo, Giorgio D’Adamo, Gianni Belleno and Mauro Chiarugi who left the band two years later. In the spring of 1967 the group, called by François Bonnier, opened the Italian concerts of the Rolling Stones.
New Trolls , since the first appearances, showed originality in their songs not proposing covers and emerged from that myriad of bands that at the time were born as mushrooms from all the cellars. Their romantic, psychedelic music, with particular lyrics and choirs make them unique and recognizable even today. The song Visioni was the first big hit by Festivalbar, then a historical event for Italian music. They released their first long playing album Senza orario, senza bandiera, which was the first concept album with new and captivating music, embellished by the lyrics of Fabrizio De André, of which some pieces are still presented today at concerts.
In 1969 with the song Io che ho te, presented in Sanremo, they start to conquer a series of first places in the hit parade continuing with Davanti agli occhi miei, Una miniera and many others.
In 1971, also at the Sanremo Festival, they sang a song by Sergio Endrigo, Una storia. Soon after, the album Concerto Grosso per i New Trolls.
The New Trolls are the first to look for and find new musical ways combining hard rock to sweet melodies, highlighting their potential and virtuosity, from percussion by Gianni Belleno to guitar (played with the teeth or behind the back) by Nico Di Palo , but above all the vocal interweaving of the collective. First ever in experimentation, New Trolls create, in collaboration with Luis Enriquez Bacalov, Concerto grosso, the first and extraordinary fusion of rock and classical melodies.
Although at the height of their success, New Trolls did not live on their laurels, in 1971 they recorded a double album: Searching for a land, one recorded in studio and one live, entirely in English. Searching for a land highlights the two main structures of the group, based on the unstoppable guitar of Nico Di Palo and the sober atmosphere of Vittorio De Scalzi: if on the one hand this is the key to success, on the other and cause for disagreement. For these great musicians begins a period of internal disagreements from which the album UT will be born. In 1975, Vittorio De Scalzi elaborated in a rock key the song “Una notte sul monte calvo” by Mussorgski, still a battle horse in concerts.
Thanks to a new idea by Bacalov, the historians New Trolls recomposed and began working for the Concerto grosso 2; to the group of Nico Di Palo, Gianni Belleno, Giorgio D’Adamo and Vittorio De Scalzi joins Ricky Belloni . It’s time for Aldebaran, FS, Quella carezza della sera, then an album with Ornella Vanoni and Anna Oxa. Ricky leaves the band for TV. In 1992 after the departure from the group of Gianni Belleno, percussion is called the great Alfio Vitanza (ex Latteemiele) and record a new album Quelli come noi. Meanwhile Roberto Tiranti enters as a guest in the group and participates in the last appearances in San Remo including one with Greta and the last with Umberto Bindi presenting a piece by Bindi and Renato Zero: Letti that will be included in the last official CD of New Trolls: Il sale dei New Trolls.

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