The OAK – Oscillazioni Alchemico Kreative are the result of the talent and ingenuity of Jerry Cutillo, multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter.
Always fond of music Jerry begins to study in the early teens on an Elka organ, takes his sister’s acoustic guitar and sells his bicycle to buy a second hand flute determined to make professional music: his first experience dates back to the age of fifteen with a band called Albergo Intergalattico Spaziale.
Moved to London, attracted by the punk and musical influences of the “City”, in the mid-eighties he climbed the European charts under the pseudonym Moses with the single We Just, a ballad awarded with the silver disc.
In September 1993, Jerry founded OAK., mixing pieces generated by his pen with traditional melodies and covers of prog classics.
In the original compositions there are always references to the European esoteric world and the magic rituals of Siberia, to these are added the numerous collaborations with the icons of British progressive rock that give the band worldwide recognition.
Nine witches under a walnut tree is the missing piece of the esoteric prog trilogy started in 2016 with the album Viandanze and continued with a double LP Giordano Bruno in 2018.