PFM, Premiata Forneria Marconi, is the most famous Italian rock band in the world, the only national band to have climbed the Billboard chart in the United States. 
Since 1970 the records have been numerous and the concerts have now exceeded the 4,200 performances.
From Japan to the USA, from Korea to the UK, from Canada to Mexico, in South America, everywhere PFM is welcomed as a masterpiece of artistic rock and imaginative music.
Memorable tour with Fabrizio De André, which this year marks the thirtieth anniversary.
Fabrizio said, “Our tour was the first example of collaboration between two completely different ways of conceiving and performing songs. A unique experience because PFM was not an acolyte of excellent musicians gathered for the occasion, but a group with an important history, which changed the course of Italian music. Well, one day they took all this and put it at my service.”