A ritmo di preghiera attraverso Siria e Giordania


Imagine getting on a flying carpet to Syria and Jordan: know that once you get off you will be captured by a big hug, by a continuous call to participate in life. Crowded markets, amazing minarets, smells of food and hookah, very light veils, Arabic music in the air. You will hear a vortex of melodies, incomprehensible noise, “jalla” repeated as greetings.
Thus, tiptoeing and animated by an irresistible curiosity, you will begin to know an unexpected reality, which revolves around religion, marked by five daily appointments dedicated to prayer: that of dawn, noon, mid-afternoon, sunset, evening. And if you abandon all resistance, all prejudice, you will lose yourself in a new dimension.

Meanwhile, in your eyes, you will have boundless deserts, cities of stone, women and men with magnetic eyes. Women and men who deserve, like everyone else, to live in peace.

Accompanying the reading, the captivating and mysterious music of the Middle Eastern lands.

Authors: Roberta Lodi Pasini – Gabriele Tamburini