AA. VV. – It’s Christmas Time


The tradition of Christmas music albums is a classic of the Anglo-Saxon market, for some time now it is also moving to our latitudes. The Aereostella compilation presents several gems in the tracklist of big rock bands, prestigious foreign guests and young levers.

1. Pfm – Do They Know It’s Christmas?
2. La Leggenda New Trolls – Christmas Rapsody
3. Vic Vergeat Feat. Franz Di Cioccio & Patrick Djivas – Merry Christmas
4. Sarah Jane Morris – Come Christmas, Come Love
5. Sinestesia – Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
6. Slow Feet – Slow Xmas Song
7. Lattemiele – Child Of The World
8. Fish – Fortunes Of War
9. Ania – Acqua e Cenere
10. Paddy Moloney The Chieftains & Guests – Overture