Released on June 5th on the Immaginifica label the double live CD in digipack Prog Exhibition 2, which contains a selection of the most beautiful and significant moments of the second edition of the Prog Exhibition, the main Italian progressive festival that attracts fans from all over the world and that was held in Rome on 21 and 22 October 2011.

One year after the first memorable edition of the Festival, the Teatro Tenda Strisce in Rome hosted once again some of the most important names of the international progressive: the Bolognese Stereokimono, one of the most intriguing art-rock formation in recent years, Oak, a popular tribute band from Jethro Tull, hosted by fanciful multi-instrumentalist Maartin Allcock who was a member of Jethro Tull from 1989 to 1991. Saint Just Again: the Neapolitan line-up of Jenny Sorrenti who on this occasion, for the first time ever, dueted with her brother Alan Sorrenti in I would like to meet you. Gianni Belleno and Maurizio Salvi, with the UT, the prog soul of New Trolls have proposed the best moments of the progressive period of New Trolls, the Ballet of Bronze of histrionic Gianni Leone who has dueted with Richard Sinclair, bassist and vocalist of Caravan, Hatfield and the North and Camel. Headliner of the first evening Arts & Crafts: the jazz-rock band from Turin with Gigi Venegoni, the original guitarist and, special guest, Mel Collins of King Crimson exceptionally present in the prime time.

The second evening opened with the progressive dark rock of Bacio della Medusa and continued with two great instrumentalists: Vic Vergeat, one of the best known Italian guitarists abroad, (Toad) and Mel Collins, the sax of the legendary King Crimson. Then the Genoese Garybaldi with guest Marco Zoccheddu, histrionic guitarist of the New Idea, Osage Tribe and Duello Madre. Following Biglietto per l’Inferno.Folk who performed with an international rock legend: Martin Barre, guitarist of Jethro Tull since 1969. To conclude, New Goblin, the famous line-up of Profondo Rosso, who dueted with another rock legend: Steve Hackett, one of the most famous guitarists in the world..

1. Stereokimono – Zone D’Ombra
2. Oak feat. Maartin Allcock – Murfatlarst
3. Oak feat. Maartin Allcock – Baba Gaia
4. Saint Just Again feat. Alan Sorrenti – Il Cercatore
5. Saint Just Again feat. Alan Sorrenti – Vorrei Incontrarti
6. UT L’Anima Prog Dei New Trolls – I Cavalieri Del Lago Dell’Ontario
7. UT L’Anima Prog Dei New Trolls – Nato Adesso
8. Il Balletto Di Bronzo feat. Richard Sinclair – Plan It Earth
9. Il Balletto Di Bronzo feat. Richard Sinclair – Primo Incontro
10. Arti & Mestieri feat. Luigi Venegoni – Gravità
11. Arti & Mestieri feat. Luigi Venegoni feat. Mel Collins – Valzer Per Domani
12. Arti & Mestieri feat. Luigi Venegoni feat. Mel Collins – Il Figlio Del Barbiere

1. Il Bacio Della Medusa – Simplicio
2. Vic Vergeat Band feat. Mel Collins-  Rain Or Shine
3. Vic Vergeat Band – Cry
4. Garybaldi feat. Marco Zoccheddu – Moretto Da Brescia Suite
5. Garybaldi – La Mia Scelta
6. Biglietto Per L’Inferno.Folk – Ansia
7. Biglietto Per L’Inferno.Folk – Confessione
8. Biglietto Per L’Inferno.Folk feat. Martin Barre – Aqualung
9. New Goblin – Profondo Rosso
10. New Goblin feat. Steve Hackett – Improvvisazioni (Steve Hackett/Claudio Simonetti)
11. New Goblin feat. Steve Hackett – Watcher Of The Sky