It comes out in all record stores and in digital downloads TЯIO! the double album of the Genoese ACT, on the label FermentiVivi by Aereostella (distribution: Self/Pirames International).
TЯIO! is their first work: the CD1 contains ten unreleased composed by Andrea Cervetto, the CD2 is a collection of eight cult songs revisited by the band (Sunshine of your love and White Room by Cream, Don’t let me down and While my guitar gently weeps by Beatles, Too much love will kill you by Brian May are on the tracklist).
The first single proposed is Fire & Desire taken from the CD1, while the single extracted from the CD2 is the wonderful Don’t let me down.
The ACT are three friends who have combined the common passion for rock and blues to a great professionalism and artistic experience consolidated over the years to found a hard rock band that reinterprets and renews the musical history of the genre, from the ’60s to today.Andrea Cervetto (guitar and vocals) and Alex Polifrone (drums and vocals) were chosen by Brian May and Roger Taylor for the musical We Will Rock You. Max Zaccaro (bass and vocals), also selected for We Will Rock You, also collaborated with Biagio Antonacci, Ron, Paola Turci and many others.
Warm and scratchy voices, intense, enthralling sounds, sometimes distorted and psychedelic, are the many facets that characterize the music of ACT, a modern rock-blues band of quality.

1. Sono Fuori
2. Kissed Of Good Bye
3. Empty Love
4. No One Would
5. I Say No
6. Last Train
7. Fire & Desire
8. You Don’t Make Something
9. No War No Money
10. Sunrise
11. Sunshine Of Your Love
12. Don’t Let Me Down
13. Eye In The Sky
14. Too Much Love Will Kill You
15. White Room
16. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
17. Living For The City
18. Halleluja

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