Agrado – Rumore Bianco

The trio Agrado was born in September 2005 in the outskirts of Milan with Alessandro on guitar, Omar on vocals and bass and Loris on drums.

Agrado is the name of the colorful and controversial character played by Antonia San Juan in the movie Todo sober mi madre by Pedro Almodovar and the trio chooses this name precisely to represent the many facets of everyday life often seemingly obscure.

The band proposes in this debut entitled Rumore Bianco, ten unreleased songs of its own composition with sounds that combine the Anglo-Saxon tradition of bands such as The Smiths, Cure, Police, Radiohead, Coldplay to that of Italian songwriters such as Lucio Battisti, Tiromancino, Pacific Ocean.

It is precisely the fusion of different musical influences that create the songs and the unique sound of the band as evidenced by the cover of Change by Tears for fears that here becomes Piccola Luce.

The real strength of the Agrado is in the total complicity that binds the three boys since high school and that has dragged them on a psychedelic journey to more than a hundred live performances on stages as important as that of the Roxy Bar of Red Ronnie, of Casa Sanremo and Alcatraz in Milan.

1. Tra sogni e dovere
2. Come la neve quando cade
3. A
4. La ragazza blu
5. Numeri
6. E se domani
7. La bellezza delle cose
8. L’uomo che sorride
9. Non è facile
10. Piccola luce (Change)
11. Un cielo senza nuvole

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