Appunti da New York su e giù al ritmo della Grande Mela


Notes and images on the most famous city in the world, the most seen, the most represented.A mosaic of moments from New York, looking in hidden corners and telling of New Yorkers, tourists, squirrels living in its streets. The Big Apple is a city that pushes and enlightens you, that sometimes kicks you, but then opens your arms. That moves and talks like everything that really lives.

The most populous city in the United States told in one hundred and sixty pages containing splendid colour photographs taken by the author.
In the background the jazz of Tim Willcox who collaborated with great musicians such as Marc Copland, Ben Monder, Vic Juris and Jeff Hirshfield and recorded a record with Gino Vannelli, and Ricky Sweum who played in the States, Canada, Japan, China, Korea, Singapore, Mexico and the Caribbean, protagonists of the attached CD.

Author: Guendalina Sibona