Armonico dodici canzoni per dodici storie


Twelve songs inspired twelve authors: they listened to Armonico, the CD you find at the bottom of the book, and they invented their stories. Intense, fun, exciting, open. This book was born to raise the voice on the very high rate of dioxin caused by the industries of Taranto that causes a very high mortality rate for cancer especially in children.
The proceeds from the sale of Armonico, dodici canzoni per dodici storie will be donated to the association Altamarea, in the forefront for years to make this shameful reality known. If death, illness and unhealthy work served to break the curse of indifference, we must sublimate this burden of pain and transform it into strength, the strength of the sea when it swells, gets angry, overwhelms, scares: this is Altamarea.
We are the witnesses of the indignation, but also of the resistance that a civil society has a duty to have.

Author: Le voci per Armonico

CD: Luca Leoni – Armonico