Caution Radiation Area, alle fonti della musica radioattiva



“Boys, it’s your fucking business!”. If a manager says something like that to musicians after listening to their new album, it is in itself a good reason to deepen. If we then add that the protagonists are: Franco Mamone, the Area, the disc in question is Caution Radiation Area, which on the cover has Marilyn Monroe in the company of a radiation hazard sign, we have material in abundance for a succulent investigation. Not a disk-photocopy of the striking debut with Arbeit Macht Frei, but a handful of unstable and repulsive pieces: jazz-rock, world music, electronics, surrealism, Cretan fragments and noise, situationist quotations, visual poetry and free jazz. Caution Radiation Area is an itching sequence, a crescendo that provokes the listener and shakes him from torpor: dogma against freedom, work and slavery, problematic and destabilizing music, repression and lobotomies. The Area are the group emblem that refuses consent and provokes answers: an open work, to the sources of radioactive music.

Author: Donato Zoppo

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