Crash! Storie e curiosità dell’Italia della canzone a ritmo di musica, viaggi e amore

Forty years of the history of our light music Valerio Liboni tells us (that of the New Angels, that of Pop Corn, just to say) that in the music there entered the sixties beating hard on his drums, that there entered when the music was all a “on the road”, was dedication and dream.He tells them in this beautiful autobiography that is a sort of roundup about the universe of recording studios, the efforts and enthusiasm of the endless tours, the magic and rigor of the profession. He does this by bringing to light the loves that shape the heart and the encounters that shape a whole life, like the one with the great Macario and his style lesson, those with friends forever like Lauzi, and with lost friends like Tozzi. Then again with the ambiguous world of television and the first daring impresarios, with the musicians and their little quirks, and of course with the people, the audience.Meanwhile we smile, while the story continues, but without nostalgia: if anything with a little anger because so much music, today, has lost innocence.

Author: Valerio Liboni