Danilo Amerio – Ali digitali

After eight years of record silence, Danilo Amerio returns to the scene with a new album entitled Ali digitali, entirely dedicated to the theme of technology, the Internet, computers, where ethnic-electronic sounds and great atmospheres Peter Gabriel blend together with pleasant and tasty carefree. In the concept-album Danilo even makes a computer sing with the orchestra, reflects on the aberrations that technology has produced in the life of a man, speaks of in vitro fertilization. The album also contains a song, Il mercato degli angeli, an official hymn against paedophilia on the Internet by Telefono Azzurro, which Danilo Amerio sings with the Coro delle Voci Bianche by Novara, creating an intense and enveloping song. Danilo also has a beautiful story to tell: after having written unforgettable songs like Gente di Mare, Donna Con Te and other great successes, after four appearances at the Sanremo Festival (from 1993 to 1995), two in the big and one in the New Proposals (3 Posto in 1994), Danilo chose to leave the world of music for Africa, where he lived and where he collaborated with the missionaries of various places teaching music and participating in the realization of works of civilization, returning to the roots of the world and life, far from the stereotypes and the evanescent falsity of the modern musical world, and then return to Italy where in 2008 he wrote for Little Tony Non finisce qui (Sanremo 2008), and start again from his own music with this new, A fascinating album that gives Italian music a great songwriter and a great voice. Last but not least, the artist has lost 50 Kg, presenting himself to the public with a completely renewed look and many new contents.

1. Ali Digitali
2. Anni Luce
3. Milioni Di Soli
4. E’ Un Miracolo
5. Dov’e’ Noe’
6. Il Mercato Degli Angeli
7. Dammi Un Segno
8. Pelle Di Vetro
9. Il Posto Dove Sta Dio
10. Boomerang
11. Un Sogno Di Plastica
12. Il Tempo Per Un Bacio
13. Tecnologicamente