Demetrio Stratos, gioia e rivoluzione di una voce


Canto per te
che mi vieni a sentire
suono per te
che non mi vuoi capire
rido per te
che non sai sognare
suono per te
che non mi vuoi capire.

(Area, Gioia e rivoluzione)

A story that starts from far away, from the sands of Alexandria in Egypt. The story of Demetrius Stratos, Greek in Italian soil. One of the greatest voices in our country, disappeared too soon, 30 years ago. From the beginning in the clubs of Milan, passing through the experience of the Rebels of Adriano Celentano, along the warm seventies at the head of the Area, up to the meanders of a vocal research that led him to perform alongside John Cage between Europe and the United States. The testimonies of artists, singers, musicians or simple friends help to build a real biography in music able to paint the man and the artist, the experimenter and the political activist, the singer of Pugni chiusi as of Luglio, agosto, settembre (nero), the scholar of the innermost vocal potential. Demetrio Stratos, or the voice-music, living example of an existence given to the persuasive art of notes, until the most painful epilogue: the death in New York, June 13, 1979, after a lightning disease. A few hours away, on the evening of June 14, here is the great concert at the Arena di Milano with all the greatest Italian artists: organized to raise funds that supported the expensive medical care of Stratos, will turn into a big goodbye, that of 60 thousand young people who came to pay homage to the Voice of the seventies. Among them also a young Gabriele Salvatores tied to Demetrio by deep friendship, and by a series of strange coincidences. The director signs the book foreword.

Authors: Antonio Oleari – Renzo Stefanel