Destinazione Isola di Wight



In 1970 I was eighteen years old, a runaway groupie mother, a passion for the Beatles and an older friend of mine, Orpheus. I hated Jimi Hendrix, I played the flute in the neighborhood band and I did everything I could to feel like a perfect normal guy. At least until Orpheus showed up at my house with a backpack, a sleeping bag and a road map of Europe.Destination: a small diamond-shaped island nestled in the south coast of England. We arrived late, but we arrived.

26-30 August 1970, Festival dell’isola di Wight: I too was with over six hundred thousand boys, catapulted by Orpheus in a world I did not know and never thought I would love. Five days of music with those who, I would later discover, were by far the biggest names in rock: Who, Doors, Jethro Tull, Miles Davis, Chicago, Joni Mitchell, Ten Years After, Leonard Cohen, Joan Baez. Jimi Hendrix also played, I remember him well. And I also remember my mother’s face when she found out that I had finally decided to change myself and not the others.

Here I wrote how music has succeeded in the quest to overthrow my life.

Author: Antonio Oleari – Renzo Stefanel

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