EAGLES La leggenda del country rock



This essay offers a complete analysis of the career of the Eagles, the legendary Californian band.

The journey spans fifty years of American music from 1964 to 2014, the creative relationship with songwriters Jackson Browne and John David Souther, facts and circumstances, festivals and tours, the defection of Bernie Leadon and Randy Meisner, the judicial disputes, the sound evolution and the commercial triumphs, the Grammy Awards and the entry in the Rock & Roll of Fame with a compendium of private anecdotes, comments of the press of the time and notes of the author enriched by the words of the protagonists.

Among the chronicles of the events narrated, appears the Italian translation of some of their songs, the appendix Seven Golden Eagles dedicated to the solo career of each member of the group and the discography.

In the early 1970s scenario, Los Angeles became the music capital of the world and the band imposed the lifestyle of Southern California on the world.

Author: Sergio d’Alesio

Questo articolo è disponibile anche in: Italian

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