Fairest isle l’epopea dell’electric folk britannico


The journey into the new British folk, or electric folk, is a journey populated with returns, back to the classic and together with modernity. It is a fascinating journey that delves deeply and brings to light a music that is the perfect metaphor of a subversive idea of tradition: who has ever said that tradition must be, necessarily, a container crystallized in a given historical moment and in a certain space, and not instead a space that knows how to reinvent itself and agree with the present, renewing and never dying? Welcome, then, to the workshop that are the pages of this book, where with a musical and evocative prose in itself you can explain how it was and is possible to hybrid the purity of popular singing with the muscular approach of rock bands, passing through the most classic folk singer and leaving nothing behind, from medieval sounds to psychedelic and progressive atmospheres. Welcome where tradition marries the revolution, which equals itself but always new, revives.

Author: Antonello Cresti