Gregor Ferretti – La divisione aritmetica



It is released in all record stores and in digital download La divisione aritmetica, the first album by the singer-songwriter and poet Gregor Ferretti from Ravenna with the label Fermentivivi by Aereostella (Self/Pirames International distribution).

La divisione aritmetica is the result of careful experimentation on language and speech. It is the result of an itinerant journey that ranges between poetry, music, screenplay and images.Nine tracks in balance between poetry and songwriting; exciting and histrionic tracks, true stories, introspective and at the same time sharp. The first single from the album will be the beautiful La divisione aritmetica.

It is a work of acoustic atmospheres and dreamlike incursions in which comes to light all the talent, refinement and spontaneity of the singer-songwriter Romagna. A contemporary album in which to immerse yourself completely from the first listening.

1. Il fiume
2. La divisione aritmetica
3. Il ritratto (Di me)
4. Supersoniche le rondini
5. Cameriere
6. Ma tu (non) se l’America
7. Una mela
8. Nella città del porto
9. Portuale

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