I ragazzi della via Stendhal ritratto di una generazione


A novel inspired by a Milan wounded and offended by the Second World War. A post-war period of hardship and poverty and a near future, that is the fabulous sixties. It is in this span of time that the lives of the children of the Stendhal Way are born and inserted. One of them is called Pietruccio Montalbetti, and will become the leader of the Dik Dik.
A cross-section of an era on which much has been said and written, but not everything, especially on the phenomenon of youth gangs, a prelude to change, rebirth and revolt that, since 1968, have changed the cultural and political horizons, and on which the author dwells with sincerity, with curious anecdotes and engaging stories. Accompanied by music, rebellious hair and wind and a great desire for affirmation, to find their own space in the world.

A book in which the biography of Montalbetti becomes the leitmotif to tell glimpses of everyday life, ways of thinking, habits, colors, feelings, stories in stories; to be enjoyed first of all with the eyes of the mind, leaning the imagination on words that flow fluid page after page. Sprinkled with emotions and the memories of many trips around the world, special trips and far away from that thing called tourism, and that become a way to discover, in the truth of solitude, the unexpected intertwining of existence.

Author: Pietruccio Montalbetti