I Signori dell’immaginazione PFM – Premiata Forneria Marconi in 100 pagine

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PFM is the embodiment of symphonic rock, understood not only as a musical genre, but also as a lifestyle. It’s the Italian band that more than others has been able to anticipate the times. Riding the wave of international success, he grasped its essence without ever repeating himself. This dynamism, combined with the close relationship with the public, has allowed PFM to be loved and appreciated for many generations. The historical core, formed by Franz Di Cioccio (drums and vocals), Patrick Djivas (bass) and Franco Mussida (guitar and vocals), has always faced with determination the challenges of a musical world in continuous evolution, indelibly writing the history of music and always managing to be contemporary. Until the last great effort, PFM in classic, a hallmark of great imaginative vitality of the band that is enjoying a huge success. The album is an ideal bridge between different musical cultures. All this emphasizes the textual content and the musical structure of the songs to project the listener in the free world of imagination so dear to the band.

Author: Angelo Torre

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