I Vangeli di Fabrizio De André. La Buona Novella compie 40 anni



1970: Fabrizio De André, now an established songwriter, goes against the tide and plays the card of man Jesus as the true revolutionary of history. Behind the scenes of the formidable show, La buona novella was born. This volume reconstructs the humanistic path of Faber through the analysis of the sacred text seen with the eyes of the subject: a magnifying glass on the sources, but above all a complex itinerary to show how The Good News is not an isolated episode in the work of De André, indeed the author traces the multiple links between those souls that barely lived and the controversial story narrated in the record.
After the preparation of the contents, the essay intruded into the practical aspects related to the genesis of the LP, deepening more purely musical details, up to bother those who worked in those years in close contact with De André. La buona novella is now tradition, lives in the theaters and in the interpretations of others, therefore the analysis sees space and cues for a timely review on regenerations. Providential interventions by Don Andrea Gallo, PFM, Brunetto Salvarani and Andrea Sassi. A special letter signed by Fernanda Pivano and the preface by Franz Di Cioccio.

Author: Riccardo Storti

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