Il Maggio di Fabrizio De André un impiegato, una storia, il poeta


It’s 1973 and a post-1968 Italy in full artistic, political and cultural revolution is the background on which Fabrizio De André begins to lay the foundations for the new record.Fabrizio is already an established author and his albums have long been at the top of the hit parade, his colleagues propose prestigious collaborations and businessmen urge him unnecessarily to perform in public.
The Genoese singer-songwriter has something else on his mind: the “storia di un impiegato”, precisely, who rejects his own bourgeois conventions and, in an extreme individual gesture of revolt, throws a bomb against the Parliament. Arrested, in prison he understands that rebellion only makes sense if it is collective.
They are years politically and socially very hot, and so the album arouses violent controversy: between those who brand it as too biased and those who see it as qualunquista, Storia di un impiegato scatena un dibattito serrato nel mondo musicale italiano. Forty years after its publication, this book retraces the behind the scenes and the results of a controversial but also extremely courageous record, which will change forever the way of writing De André’s songs.

With contributions by Lucia Coccia, Brunetto Salvarani, Romano Giuffrida, Alberto Bazzurro and interviews with Nicola Piovani, Claudio Bisio, Sergio Marcotulli and the musicians who played on the album. Of particular interest is the report of the discovery of unpublished auditions.

Authors: Claudio Sassi – Odoardo Semellini