Il silenzio e i suoi colori a piccoli passa in Myanmar (Birmania)


To enter for the first time in Myanmar, once Burma, means to discover an unexpected land with a thousand colors, whose beauty repays of all the difficulties that tourists encounter for the complicated political situation. Little is known about its age-old culture and even less about living conditions. Its inhabitants appear serene and dignified despite the sad social events that see them protagonists of recent decades.Everything is as if clouded by the moisture and dust of the earth, and silence strikes. But it is precisely through the blanket of fog and sand that you discover the splendor of the people of Myanmar: the orange robes of Buddhist monks, the yellow makeup with the scent of lily of the valley on the faces of women and children, the smiles that Betel colors red. Bright colors, never noisy, paint the center of the towns with the typical taxi Madza blue of the fifties, while in the primitive countryside prevail the brown of dirt roads and the blue of waterways, and lifeblood for this country, Animated by an inexhaustible hope of renewal and openness to the world, are the pagodas, golden islands where silence and meditation reign.
Page after page and melody after melody you will discover the magic of this land: through the colors.

Author: Roberta Lodi Pasini – Gabriele Tamburini