Impressioni di settembre


The story in two lines

The music mysteriously intertwines the destinies of a mother, a daughter still in her womb and a child met one morning in September, the time of a song.


The role of the Premiata Forneria Marconi
Fundamental, with the songs of Franco, Franz and Patrick canvas the painting of history.

Main characters
Aurelia Serra, a junkie
Camilla Serra, her daughter
Marzia Serra, aunt of Camilla
Giorgio Rustico, a child met at the park
Don Aldo Dalla Rovere, a friend of Aurelia Oreste, the DJ sacristan
Teo Borlenghi, a boy
Enrichetta Cresci, her best friend
Clara Borlenghi, sister of Teo
Sir Raymond Boswell, a wealthy English collector
Nestor Tronca, a criminal
Cesare Manzoni, a fixer
Max Tiraboschi, husband of Camilla
Marco Vallarino, a magistrate Dado, a friend of Aurelia
John Keats, poet of the past
Pfm, band of the present


Author: Stefano Ferrio