La voce dai riflessi rossi. Fiorella Mannoia in 100 pagine


From her debut as a stuntgirl in the world of cinema to the success of Sanremo in 1987 with Quello che le donne non dicono, Fiorella Mannoia was able to impose herself as a discreet and refined interpreter in the notoriously masculine panorama of Italian music.

Endowed with a vocal register of alto, she sang the love and human frailties, the courage of the last and the female universe employing a unique authenticity. For her they wrote Ruggeri and Fossati, Bubola and De Gregori, but also the best pens of the new generation in the sign of a poetic important and current, never banal.

The volume reconstructs, year by year, the fundamental stages of an extraordinary career through the analysis of every single disc published, to celebrate a complete and thick artist, who only recently chose to deal with writing succeeding fully.

Author: Federica Venezia