L’enigma della Resurrezione

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Pergamon, 74 A.D. Darius and Demetrius are students at the medical school when they come across the notes of Luke of Antioch, a disciple of the Yoshua sect Ben Yoseph, a young Jewish teacher best known by the name of Jesus, executed several decades earlier in Jerusalem. Luca’s notes tell a strange, contradictory and mysterious story that will convince them to leave for a long journey, an investigation on the trail of Jesus. And that will lead them to an amazing discovery: Jesus is still alive!
Rome, 1742. Ludovico Antonio Muratori renovates the parchments with the chronicle of the amazing discovery made by a certain Dario da Sidone, and gives them to Benedict XIV.
They are cards that burn, that undermine the entire history of Christianity, and put the pontiff in front of an unexpected and tremendous dilemma. What should he do? Act in the name of truth or in the name of the Church and of a thousand-year-old faith?
Benedict XIV will choose the path of responsibility.
Whatever that means to me.

Author: Aldo Cirri

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