L’importanza di chiamarsi Eros. Eros Ramazzotti in 100 pagine


In thirty years of career Eros Ramazzotti has contributed to the construction of the new Italian pop, through simple and recognizable sounds and words, giving voice to an entire generation to which, thanks to his songs, has ideally overcome shyness and adolescent rebellions.
From the mirage of Terra promessa passing beyond the confines of a suburb never felt its own, through important stories, dazzling lights of stars and dreams, overcoming sentimental disappointments and moments of glory, Ramazzotti – now fifty – has become the mature artist who envies us in the world.
The secret of his success, after all, lies perhaps in that name that he bears from birth, Eros: it is love, in fact, the weapon that he adopted against everything, always coming out victorious.


Author: Roberta Maiorano