L’uomo che sussurrava al futuro. Lucio Dalla in 100 pagine


Lucio, the curious child who did not want to age the curious man or the curious man who remained a child who wanted to be loved and accepted.
The book tells of his eternal desire, entrusted to the songs: from the first, clumsy attempts to enter the hearts of the people to the unexpected third place at the Sanremo Festival until the stormy and intense experience with the poet Roberto Roversi. The great affirmation arrives with Com’è profondo il mare, the triumphs with L’anno che verrà, Futura and Cosa sarà until the expressive summit of Caruso and Le rondini. Unforgettable are the divertissement of Attenti al lupo, the beautiful sports portraits of Nuvolari e Ayrton, certain albums of immense depth as Henna and the boundless musical heritage that has left us.
Dalla has sold millions of records, his concerts and his collaborations, with Ron, De Gregori, the Stadio, Morandi, have enriched the annals of Italian music history.
Irreverent and almost shameless, ironic and disarming, here is an extraordinary artist who with his weaknesses and fragility sought and found God.

Authors: Roberta Maiorano