Nera Luce – Luci Nell’Ombra

A long journey that invades the soul, between groovy guitar edges and fresh melodies. Particularly varied musical atmospheres: melancholic ballads such as Luna Piena and Nera Luce; furious songs animated by real electric discharges such as Giuda, L’infinita Danza, Telecomandati; songs of social denunciation such as Abracalabria and sweet flavors as Semplice.

1. Insidie
2. Giuda
3. Luna Piena
4. Apnea part 1
5. Apnea part 2
6. L’infinita Danza
7. Abracalabria
8. Telecomandati
9. Sane bugie?
10. Semplice
11. Nera luce