Pensieri sotto il cappello risalendo il Vietnam in treno

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A solitary journey in Vietnam to discover what it is and what it will be, what it was and how it will continue.  It all begins in the midst of the intricate traffic of Saigon, where, at the intersection with so many streets with inaccessible names, you have to choose which one to take. From here, up to Sapa, mountainous point to the north of the country, passing by the marshy basin of the Mekong delta and going up on rickety trains with three-storey berths. Along the way, generous Vietnamese and tireless travelers are ready to give advice, indicate, tell. Listen to the voice of others like that of the wind along the coast.Observe the curious eyes of the Vietnamese and peer through the fog of Ha Long in search of what lies behind. A journey to get involved, to face the world, the fears, the uncertainties, in a country at the opposite ends of its daily life. To understand that you can walk beyond your own limits and fears.

Author: Guendalina Sibona

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