PFM con JAN ANDERSON – Live in Roma


PFM’s discography is enriched by a new jewel: Live in Roma.
Recorded in the capital on the occasion of Prog Exhibition, the festival event that celebrated the fortieth birthday of Italian progressive music, this live of PFM has the presence of a legend of Anglo-Saxon music: Jan Anderson of Jethro Tull.
The Magic Flute of Rock has inflamed the audience with a superb performance that, accompanied by the technique and great energy of PFM, has amazed the audience giving moments of great intensity.


1. La Luna Nuova
2. Il Banchetto
3. Harlequin
4. La Terra Dell’acqua
5. Intro Bach
6. Bourée
7. My God

1. Out Of The Roundabout
2. Maestro Della Voce
3. Cyber Alpha 3.1
4. Impressioni Di Settembre
5. La Carrozza Di Hans
6. E’festa
7. Se Le Brescion
8. La Tentazione