PFM due volte nella vita


Rock has been the soundtrack of entire generations of young people, and still today continues to represent their dreams and hopes.Around the mid-seventies the name Premiata Forneria Marconi, for many simply PFM, was synonymous with Italian rock in the world, perhaps because unlike many bands of the time and today, the PFM did not sing songs, played music and did very well, and this has always been one of its characteristics: the enthusiasm to look for new sound possibilities, new solutions to interpret the music, each time in a different way.
The drummer and frontman of the group, Franz Di Cioccio, tells us in this book the story of the legendary band: between anecdotes and indiscretions, jokes and accidents on stage, doubts, quarrels and missed opportunities, a story that runs on a parallel track to the changes of society, the music market, youth costumes.However, it is not a nostalgic family album, because the history of PFM did not stop at the beginning of the eighties, even for them as for everyone, there is now a new opportunity, a second time in life, to find the old fans and to show that rock never dies.

Author: Franz Di Cioccio