PFM – Emotional Tattoos 2CD [IT – EN]


Emotional Tattoos, published simultaneously in two different versions (one Italian and one English), finds its inspiration in today’s vision of the planet and in the relationship music-dream.It expresses a conscious energy, capable of embracing the listener by deeply stimulating his imagination.
It’s not just songs, it’s emotional tattoos you can feel on your own skin.

Disc1 – English
1. We’re Not An Island
2. Morning Freedom
3. The Lesson
4. So Long
5. A Day We Share
6. There’s A Fire In Me
7. Central District
8. Freedom Square
9. I’m Just A Sound
10. Hannah
11. It’s My Road

Disc2 – Italiano
1. Il Regno
2. Oniro
3. La lezione
4. Mayday
5. La danza degli specchi
6. Il cielo che c’è
7. Quartiere generale
8. Freedom Square
9. Dalla Terra alla Luna
10. Le cose belle
11. Big Bang

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