PFM – Il Suono del Tempo [Box 5 Vinili]



An exclusive box that reproduces the first five records of the band, with original playlist, recorded in Tokyo in the spring of 2014.
PFM adds a new exciting chapter to its discography: the philological concerts. The common denominator of the project is the reinterpretation of the first five records in a musical path of research and rediscovery of the roots of the band with an accurate execution, faithful and rich in expressive energy as PFM knows how to guarantee in its concerts. In addition to the most famous titles of PFM, which are part of the history of progressive, you can rediscover some songs never played live and others performed in all the different versions of the time.

Il Suono del Tempo is the complete collection of five historical records: Storia di un minuto, Per un amico, Photos of ghost, L’isola di niente and The world became the world. Only the titles change, they become: Un Minuto, Un Amico, Un’Isola, A Ghost, The World. The notes, atmospheres and arrangements resurface from the fingers of the band in a new live version, completely faithful to the original tracklists.


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