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The World is the last piece of the series Il Suono del Tempo, an unpublished live collection of the first five historical records of PFM. The new version enshrines the band’s outstanding expressive power during their last tour of Japan. This version with the original lyrics of Peter Sinfield faithfully returns the great musical vision of the project that confirmed the international fame of the band. A disc that contains precious communicative elements through songs characterized by the multi language of PFM.
From the chorus and energy of The Mountains to the melancholy ballad Just Look Away through the progressive ethnicity of Four Holes in the Ground, the experimentalism of Via Lumiere and the irony of Is My Face On Straight. The English version of Impressioni di Settembre completes the track-list of one of PFM’s masterpieces.


1. The Mountain
2. Just Look Away
3. The World Became The World
4. Four Holes In The Ground
5. Is My Face On Straight
6. Have Your Cake And Beat It (Via Lumiere)

Questo articolo è disponibile anche in: Italian

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