PFM – Un Minuto



Un Minuto is the third album in the series Il Suono del Tempo, the exceptional live collection of the first five historical records of PFM. The new version returns all the freshness and originality of a milestone of Italian progressive music, the first record of a band to conquer the top of the Italian charts.PFM, with renewed stylistic energy and expressive force, rediscovers the sweet and poignant sound of the orchestrations, which give the album an allure steeped in rock and symphonic breaths. The original set list contains songs such as Grazie davvero and Dove… quando seconda parte, never performed live and unpublished until today.


1. Introduzione
2. Impressioni Di Settembre
3. E’ Festa
4. Dove…Quando (Parte 1)
5. Dove…Quando (Parte 2)
6. La Carrozza Di Hans
7. Grazie Davvero

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