Professore e Gentiluomo. Roberto Vecchioni in 100 pagine



More than a biography, a journey through the songs that characterized the discography of Roberto Vecchioni. A forty-year itinerary in an agile and essential guide of 100 pages with a look at the world, as if Vecchioni had given us a hypothetical playlist of our history. From the first LP to the last CD, the author explores Vecchioni’s songwriting adventure by entering a complex universe of words and music. Right there, where literature and everyday life meet and collide, towards after, emerge signals to decode or, simply, to enjoy in the confined space of a ballad. It is also the attempt to tell the life of a professor who found himself taking up the guitar to narrate himself, friendships, loves, politics, readings, men and women of his time, with serene disenchantment and lucid hope, because, you know, “the important thing is who has the dream bigger”.

Author: Riccardo Storti

Questo articolo è disponibile anche in: Italian

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