Rock Map viaggio in Italia dal 1967 al 1980



The Italian rock of the seventies to know it must be traveled: the records are the ideal time machine, they transport us from beat to psychedelia, from progressive to punk, from songwriters to new wave; but the real journey passes through cities and suburbs, provinces and regions, touching islands, lakes and mountains, looking for a local underground where music ferments. Because where there is a house there is always a cellar, and there sometimes you play. Rome, Milan, Genoa and Naples among schools and discography;Florence and Bologna that look from the Apennines, Turin and its jazz. A historical itinerary for a geography of Italian rock from Palermo to Aosta. Riccardo Storti describes this musical Italy through over 600 artists focusing on the analysis of 375 records released between 1967 and 1980.

Author: Riccardo Storti

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