Sognando la California scalando il Kilimangiaro



He always dreamed of climbing alone Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa, and finally in early 2011 he succeeded. After months of meticulous physical and mental preparation, Pietruccio Montalbetti reached the black continent. A week of hard walking in unspoiled nature, helped by a guide and some porters, and finally the summit: Uhuru Peak, 5895 meters above sea level.
This book, illustrated by beautiful photographs, was born from the desire to share a fantastic experience of discovery. A story that winds through the travels among the Amazon Indians in India, among the people of Mali in the Sahara desert, among the Masai of Tanzania, and then again in Nepal, Tibet, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia. Because to travel is to know other places and other people. To travel alone is to know oneself.
Marino Bartoletti signs the preface.

Author: Pietruccio Montalbetti

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