Stereokimono – Intergalactic Art Cafè

Aereostella is proud to present Intergalactic Art Café, the third studio album by Stereokimono, which in 2011 opened the second edition of the Festival Prog Exhibition in Rome.

Intergalactic Art Cafe is a surreal bar drifting from the universe to an unmarked point in galactic maps. An interdimensional room where the most unlikely beings meet and where, on a small stage in the back of the room, strange musicians meet to make endless sessions of oblique music: Rock Psicofonico Obliquo is in fact the ironic way with which the band defines its musical genre, a becoming of psycho-sensory experiences that stimulate imagination and imagination; a sort of soundtrack for inner and cosmic journeys.

Alex Vittorio (bass, keyboards) Cristina Atzori (drums, percussion) and Antonio Severi (guitar, midi guitar, keyboards) are the musicians of Stereokimono, one of the most representative bands of sound research in the current Italian music scene.

1. Fuga Da Alton
2. Space Surfer

3. Indian Breakfast
4. A) Il Gioco
5. B) La Metafora
6. C) La Soluzione
7. Lumacactus
8. The Gnome On The Moon
9. Zona D’Ombra
10. Oltre Algon